Wood Wireless Charger

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Qi, 15w wireless charger with sides that light up.  Comes with USB-c cord.  Power adapter wall block not included. 

These  chargers do not engrave completely through to show the light underneath.  

***Wood piece may have come loose and may need a little glue added underneath wood piece to secure it, its not considered defective and doesn’t affect the performance.  We try to check them all before shipping but may have come loose in shipping.  Thank you for understanding!  

If phone appears to not be charging, you need to adjust it on the charger.  There is a certain area of the charger that phone needs to be place to charge, this is normal and not a defect.  

Charger lights green when not charging and blue when charging.  Light does not stay on continuously when not in use.  


Glowforge settings used-


*Engraving not included